The negative effects of texting while driving

Yvette Alt Miller The key findings, links to further information, and concrete suggestions on how to limit the damage. The research on the harms of smartphone use and the benefits of putting them down is extensive.

The negative effects of texting while driving

I think most people would agree that texting definitely does not help us drive any better. But, by consistently texting while at the wheel, many individuals act as if text messaging has a small negative effect on driving skill. Especially when it comes to multi-tasking well with two attention-demanding tasks.

Twenty inexperienced drivers used a cell phone to retrieve and send text messages while driving a simulator. Research has shown that the risk of crashing while text messaging and driving is more than double that of talking on a cell phone.

Research conducted by Drews and colleagues looked at the influence text messaging has on simulated driving performance. Forty participants engaged in both a single task driving and a dual task driving and text messaging in a driving simulator.

Text-messaging drivers were also involved in more crashes than non-text messaging drivers. Drews concluded that text messaging has a negative impact on simulated driving performance, and the negative impact appears to be more severe than that of talking on a cell phone while driving.

In an effort to combat the dangers of text messaging while driving, numerous US states have outlawed the practice. It is likely that states that have not yet banned texting while driving may do so in the near future. The order also encourages federal contractors and others doing business with the government to adopt and enforce their own policies banning texting while driving on the job.

Results from scientific research have validated the notion that text messaging while driving is dangerous. References Drews et al. Text messaging during simulated driving. The effects of text messaging on young drivers.

Office of Public Affairs. Jamie has written seven books and co-authored one.The Risks of Texting while Driving. We’ve all been tempted to slip our hands off the wheel to answer the siren call of a text message.

A mountain of recent evidence has shown, however, how high the cost of mixing texting and driving can be. Mobile phone use while driving is common, but it is widely considered dangerous due to its potential for causing distracted driving and accidents.

The negative effects of texting while driving

Due to the number of accidents that are related to conducting calls on a phone and texting while driving, some jurisdictions have made the use of calling on a phone while driving illegal. Many jurisdictions have enacted laws to ban handheld mobile.

Car and Driver: Texting While Driving: This was the first study in which real cars, instead of simulators, were actually being driven to test the effects of texting.

Car and Driver rented 11,foot runway at the Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport in Oscoda, Michigan to safely test their participants. The goal of the Car and Driver experiment was to.

The Cause & Effects of Texting While Driving. March 31, By: Jennifer Reynolds. Share; The reasons people text while drivingcan be difficult to pin down, but the effects of it are visible on the roads and in the news.

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But you can also hurt your hands while texting. You can hurt your thumbs because of the way they're positioned. When your emotions get out of hand, minor irritations on the road may escalate and lead to unnecessary acts of physical aggression and violence.

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