The magical power of african art

Magic and religion Since the emergence of the study of religion and the social sciencesmagic has been a "central theme in the theoretical literature" produced by scholars operating in these academic disciplines. Bailey describes it, "magic" represents "a deeply contested category and a very fraught label"; [5] the fellow historian Owen Davies stated that the word was "beyond simple definition".

The magical power of african art

Kongo peoples Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Kongo believe that the great god, Ne Kongo, brought the first sacred medicine or nkisi down from heaven in an earthenware vessel set upon three stones or termite mounds.

Visually, these minkisi can be as simple as pottery or vessels containing medicinal herbs and other elements determined to be beneficial in curing physical illness or alleviating social ills.

In other instances minkisi can be represented as small bundles, shells, and carved wooden figures. Nkisi nkondi A fascinating example of a nkisi can be found in a power figure called nkisi nkondi a power figure is a magical charm seemingly carved in the likeness of human being, meant to highlight its function in human affairs.

Medicinal combinations called bilongo are sometimes stored in the head of the figure but frequently in the belly of the figure which is shielded by a piece of glass, mirror or other reflective surface.

Elements with a variety of purposes are contained within the bilongo.

African Mask Information

Seeds may be inserted to tell a spirit to replicate itself; mpemba or white soil deposits found near cemeteries represent and enlist support from the spiritual realm. Claws may incite the spirits to grasp something while stones may activate the spirits to pelt enemies or protect one from being pelted.

The insertions are driven into the figure by the nganga and represent the mambu and the type or degree of severity of an issue can be suggested through the material itself. Prior to insertion, opposing parties or clients, often lick the blades or nails, to seal the function or purpose of the nkisi through their saliva.

The magical power of african art

If an oath is broken by one of the parties or evil befalls one of them, the nkisi nkondi will become activated to carry out its mission of destruction or divine protection.

Nevertheless, several were collected as objects of fascination and even as an object of study of Kongo culture.

Kongo traditions such as those of the nkisi nkondi have survived over the centuries and migrated to the Americas and the Caribbean via Afro-Atlantic religious practices such as vodun, Palo Monte, and macumba.

In Hollywood these figures have morphed into objects of superstition such as New Orleans voodoo dolls covered with stick pins.

Magic: Power Objects (Fetishes) of Tribes of Africa

Nonetheless, minkisi have left an indelible imprint as visually provocative figures of spiritual importance and protection. Shawnya Harris Additional resources:Oct 24,  · The magical power of African art, illustrated in the nkisi nkonde figure (fig. 12) is unfamiliar to Westerners. Additionally, our knowledge of these figures and the cultures that produced them has been gained at great loss to those cultures.

It lasted just a couple of years, to - but it turned Picasso into an avid collector of African art, masks and sculptures that inspired him for the rest of his career. Queen Mother is now a real political title because of the wisdom of Queen Idia, has same power as other high officials, now Queen Mother has power to commission art made out of brass metal or ivory.

-Protector of the Oba. Nkonde's stomach which conceals the supposedly magical substances, hiding their striking poverty and hinting at their power. Once again African traditions manage to bring considerable natural and wholly psychological powers into play, operating through the manipulation of relatively meager.

A fascinating example of a nkisi can be found in a power figure called nkisi nkondi (a power figure is a magical charm seemingly carved in the likeness of human being, meant to highlight its function in human affairs.).

African art has developed from ancient traditions. Generations before the United States and the nations of Europe became great powers, Africa had known the rise and fall of many great kingdoms.

The organization, discipline, laws, and religions of these ancient kingdoms show that Africa has been.

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