The importance of school rules

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The importance of school rules

Pippa Holland The text that follows consists of a scheme of work for the topic of Rules and Laws. The subject area is best taught in a manner that children can relate everyday experiences, so that they can then proceed to working on rules and laws in religion.

Discuss "What are the rules of the game? If children did not know the rules would they be able to play the game?

If children have variations such as throwing a six to start game discuss the importance of playing using the same rules.

Children then use the understanding of the importance of rules when playing a game to devise their own game using a variety of grids. This activity could also continue in a Design and Technology lesson.

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Placing the children in small mixed ability groups works well. Effectiveness of the rules and their importance. What rules would the children like to introduce and why?

The importance of school rules

What happens if laws are broken? What would society be like if there were no rules? The town is on the planet ZOG.

The importance of school rules

There are no rules and laws. Two people die every minute in this town as their are no traffic laws, people also drive on the pavements and at very fast speeds.


The graveyard and the hospitals are getting full. There is lots of crime. Laws are needed urgently.1 The Importance of Obeying the Rules and Regulations in the Workplace 2 Advantages & Disadvantages of Business Rules 3 Advantages & Disadvantages of .

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I would like 50 copies for my school. Please contact me and I can send mailing info. Jul 09,  · How to Behave In Class. In this Article: Article Summary Learning the Rules Staying on Task Avoiding Trouble Community Q&A Some students find themselves constantly in trouble at school.

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There are so many ways to become distracted, and you are hardly alone! The issue of school safety is a major concern at all levels of government, from local to federal. School boards meet with teachers and parents to listen to their concerns and suggest solutions.

State and federal governments are taking steps to improve school safety and law enforcement as the nation realizes the importance of this issue and how it impacts children's futures. School rules and regulations are made not to be broken. Rules are made for the safety and better welfare of the students in school.

Another is to promote good behavior among students and to maintain the good image of the school. Nov 26,  · Following school rules are important for our safety for many reasons. Firstly, you need rules to not get injured or get into fights.

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