The definition of reality essay

Why Us Interesting Definition Essay Examples A definition essay traditionally defines a particular word, a term, or a certain concept in depth by means of providing a personal commentary on what exactly the subject of observation means.

The definition of reality essay

I am debating the basis of morality. The task was to take an argument that I disagreed with Sam Harris' and William Lane Craig's positions on objective morality and summarize their argument, then present a critic and alternative to it. Any help will be appreciated. My audience is entirely Christian.

I now know not to indent on Reddit, thanks guys. I have read your feedback and after a meeting with my teacher, I will apply whatever changes I think are helpful. Basis of Morality Introduction: Morality is the basis of all civilization. If there were no common laws of mankind in the early stages of societal development, then society would have had a hard time evolving out of the absolute dismal state of the hunter and gatherer packs that roamed the Earth.

In the debate between Sam Harris and William Lane Craig, they argued for the basis of objective in the world. Harris argued that the basis was in science, favoring the wellbeing of the majority over the minority. Craig made the argument from a Christian perspective and insisted that if God did not exist then there would be no basis for morality in the world, resulting in the entire human population being serial killers and rampant thieves.

Harris is very unique in his position from an atheistic standpoint. Most atheists will tell you that there is no objective moral standard in the world and I am no different.

Points to Ponder:

The basis for morality in the world is not objective, but rather the collective subjective moral standard of each individual person in a culture. This lends itself as a majority rules, moral basis, but is nonetheless true. This subjective basis that is apparent in all humans, aside from the small population of those lacking it, is called empathy.

In the debate, Sam Harris agreed with Craig that there is a basis for objective morality. However, he disagreed on the origin of the basis. Sam Harris argued that morality is rooted in science.

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A reality in which sentient beings are in the worst possible misery that could be experienced. This objective morality would prioritize the wellbeing of other sentient beings. However, this is to be taken as a greater-good morality.

If a minority population would threaten the wellbeing of the majority, the moral thing to do would be to eliminate the threat, even if it would mean the suffering or elimination of the minority in question. Sam Harris believes that the Christian objective morality is actually not moral at all.

He asks if God was inherently good, why is there suffering? He states that millions of children die each year due to starvation, disease, and natural disasters.

God is in control of all those factors, as Christian dogma proclaims, so if he was good and cared for humanity, why would these things still happen? It promotes apathy and a universal scapegoat of blame. Whereas his objective morality, rooted in science and in avoidance of the worst possible misery, is a much better alternative to moralities rooted in religion.

From what society are you to claim wellbeing? Each society has based their laws around whichever religion was more prominent during the formation of the society. The Vikings practiced animal and human sacrifice, these were not wrong, they were simply the practices of the time and viewed as correct from their own perspectives.

In ancient Sparta, students would have sex with their mentors, usually of the same gender. The students would sometimes be under the age of ten during their studies or training.

Once again, this was simply a product of culture and deemed appropriate during that time. Just as it is deemed appropriate in Islamic societies to preform genital mutilation and the slaughter of infidels is encouraged. The more developed countries of the world have evolved their morality as time has passed.

During the same time period across the world, there was a legal way for you to kill someone. As long as you did it in the name of honor. It was immoral, until very recently, for women to show even their ankles in public.

In 1st Timothy 2: Whether or not the Bible condemns or approves of slavery, I do not want to say because I would have to do more research than I have prepared for, however it certainly provides very specific rules on the purchasing, freeing, and treatment of slaves. Set him free in the seventh year, and he will owe you nothing for his freedom.If you don’t know how to write your essay, read the simple essay definition: a short composition, usually in prose and generally analytic, speculative, or interpretative.

The definition of reality essay

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Reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. In a wider definition, reality includes everything that is .

A summary of Social Construction of Reality in 's Identity and Reality. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Identity and Reality and what it means.

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The Reality Principle Mead published a startling little essay in TV of the various constraints and compromises that define the form. Certainly, “reality television” is an amorphous.

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