Spring barrel songwriting services

Songwriting Services We offer songwriting services for lyric writers Songwriting services is at the core of what we do. Lyric Editing Send us your lyrics, poems, or rough song ideas. Get Help Writing Better Hooks While many of our clients send us fully written songs and others send vocal recording of their melody, still more send us just lyrics, or words around which to build a song from scratch.

Spring barrel songwriting services

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spring barrel songwriting services

Using her guitar and voice, she delivers a blend of folk-rock and a strong vocal performance with memorable melodies for fans of Joni Mitchell and Shawn Colvin. She writes about her feelings, faith, relationships, and her experiences of growing up with raw emotion, maturity and sincerity. Her voice has been compared to Sheryl Crow and Dar Williams.

Growing up in a very musical household, where her mother taught piano in the family living room, Nicole has always had a passion for music.

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Picking out instruments during the summer months and teaching herself how to play them, she has succeeded in becoming a multi-instrumentalist. Also inNicole won a local songwriting contest sponsored by the Tidewater Arts Outreach, which helped give her the motivation needed to record her first album.

Working feverishly all summer long, the album was complete by August and was officially released in September of She received an honorable mention in the Mid Atlantic Songwriting Competition in and has been embraced by an exciting new musical community in the Washington, D.

Nicole reached another landmark in her career in late when she began work on a new album produced by Chris Rosser at Hollow Reed Arts Studio in Asheville, North Carolina. Recording began in November, with a projected release date in spring of The album will feature a stellar line up of backing musicians and a more polished and consistent songwriting style than previous projects.

Nicole has performed in a variety of settings including coffeehouses, churches, outdoor music festivals, cultural arts centers, national conferences, restaurants, bars, and on live radio and television. She currently resides in the northern Virginia area.

Christine Chris Anderson, a D. Her songs are refreshingly quirky — fierce guitar leads and complex harmonica riffs combined with lyrics that are wide-eyed yet wise. Whether she writes about friendship, illness or love, her thoughts about the human condition are honest and hopeful.

While her thematic ideas may emerge from her life or the evening news, she articulates what many are thinking with poignancy rather than poison.

Her voice is often compared to Mary Chapin Carpenter, and her performances are surprising, complex and fun. In addition to performing originals, blues, oldies, and Americana as a solo artist, Chris plays nicely with others. She then spent over a decade playing electric guitar and mandola in Northern Virginia church bands.

Her songs are available for sale through iTunes, Rhapsody, Walmart.In addition to his songwriting, performing and touring experience, he has worked behind the scenes in a variety of capacities, including merchandise sale, audio production, and working with PROs to ensure that artists get the compensation they deserve.

Target Your Music to the Ultimate List of Music Publishers, Record Labels and Film & TV Music Supervisors. Enjoy a delightful afternoon in Virginia Wine Country with your favorite Barrel Oak Wine and the mellow sounds of Nicole Belanus.

Nicole is a singer-songwriter with acoustic and folk-rock influences. Welcome to Harold Kennedy's Songwriter Services!

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Then let me help! I offer my talents as a musician, singer, arranger and producer to a variety of songwriters who want to bring their lyrics to life as a complete song with melody & music. Bulbs, Perennials & More for Spring Flowers, Ten Easy Herbs, Flowering Shrubs, Edible Weeds, Foraging Wild Mushrooms, Tomatoes: From Dirt to the Dinner Table, Foraging from the Forest, Medicinal Herbs, Creating Lovely, Luscious Landscapes, Rain Barrel: .

Springbarrel Songwriter Services is a group of dedicated professionals working Nashville's music community. Our focus is assisting Songwriters by presenting their original compositions to Major Recording Companies, Major Independent Recording Companies, Record Producers, Recording Artist Managers and the Recording Artists themselves.

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