Microeconomic analysis of the tobacco industry

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Microeconomic analysis of the tobacco industry

Background[ edit ] Type II diabetes is a growing health concern in many developed and developing countries around the world, with 1. In both the United States and the United Kingdom, sugar sweetened drinks are the top calorie source in teenager's diets.

In the United States, the single biggest market for carbonated soft drinks, consumers annual average per capita purchase of soda was liters. More recently, Finland reintroduced an earlier soft drink tax inwhile Hungary taxes sugary drinks as part of its public health product tax, which covers all food products with unhealthy levels of sugar.

France introduced a targeted sugar tax on soft drinks in In NovemberBerkeley, California was the first city in the U. Tobacco taxes[ edit ] Proponents of soda taxes cite the success of tobacco taxes worldwide when explaining why they think a soda tax will work to lower soda consumption.

The tactics used to oppose soda taxes by soda companies mimic those of tobacco companies, including funding research that downplays the health risks of its products.

The tax burden on consumers P2 makes it more expensive for consumers to buy sugary drinks and hence a higher proportion of their incomes would have to be spent to buy the same amount of sugary drinks.

This decreases the equilibrium quantity of sugary drinks that will be sold.

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Whether the sugary drinks tax is imposed on the seller or consumer, in both cases the tax burden is shared between both. The tax burden will fall more on sellers when the price elasticity of demand is greater than the price elasticity of supply while on buyers when the price elasticity of supply is greater than the price elasticity of demand.

The price elasticity for sugary drinks is different from country to country. For instance, the price elasticity of demand for sugary drinks was found to be More demand for health services leads to higher costs for health care and hence this increased stress on the public health system is a negative consumption externality of sugar consumption.

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This can also be illustrated in the following equation. This is the case due to the fact that consumers think only of the benefit of sugar consumption to them MB and not the negative externalities to third parties MXC and so want to consume at the unregulated market equilibrium to maximize their utility.

This means that there is overconsumption of sugar and a welfare loss is created. Although this solution corrects the negative consumption externality, taxpayers that consume sugary drinks moderately and hence do not contribute to higher health care costs, still need to pay for this negative externality.

Hence a sugary drinks tax may be a more appropriate solution as tax revenue that is collected from the sugar tax can be used to create childhood nutrition programs or obesity-prevention programs.


This was seen as an attempt to stave off a sugar tax. There were no plans to reduce the sugar content in the high sugar drinks.

Microeconomic analysis of the tobacco industry

The plan is primarily to increase consumption of low-sugar or no-sugar drinks. The Australian Medical Association continued to press for a sugar tax. Denmark[ edit ] Denmark instituted a soft drink tax in the s it amounted to 1.This is a huge list of government agencies, commissions, bureaus, foundations, divisions, directorates, departments, bureaus, administrations, and institutes, many of them overlapping, redundant or unnecessary.

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