Market segmentation for perfume

The chemical formula for the fragrance was compounded by Russian-French chemist and perfumer Ernest Beaux. Chanel perfume has six series, of which t No5 is the most classic perfume. Market segmentation and target market Market Segmentation means to divide the marketplace into parts, or segments, which are definable, accessible, actionable, and profitable and have a growth potential.

Market segmentation for perfume

ZinkhanUniversity of Houston Brand image has been an important concept in consumer behavior research since the early s.

Market segmentation for perfume

Our analysis of 28 prior studies indicates that the definition of brand image has not necessarily remained stable over a 35 year time period.

Similarly, there exists little consensus concerning how the construct should be operationalized. An attempt is made here to identify the essential elements of brand image.

Numerous studies of brand image have been reported, the phrase has been widely used in a variety of technical and casual applications, and practitioners and academics alike have embraced the concept as the embodiment of the abstract reality that people buy products or brands for something other than their physical attributes and functions.

This proliferation of brand image research has been accompanied by some drawbacks. For example, it has been suggested that over time and through overuse, or misuse, the meaning of "brand image" has evaporated and has lost much of its richness and value Bullmore Others have similarly referred to such indiscriminate application as a debasement of the concept Levy If these criticisms are Market segmentation for perfume, then there is reason for concern.

Of primary concern is whether knowledge development has been impeded in this area due to the lack of a firm base or foundation on which to build. The way in which brand image is defined determines the nature of research questions that are posed, the methods that are used, and ultimately how findings are translated to the creative process Reynolds and Gutman Market segmentation for perfume If there is no agreement at this fundamental definitional level, it is very unlikely that comparable and generalizable results will be forthcoming from this stream of research.

These issues demonstrate the importance of foundations studies to consumer behavior theorists. By tracing definitions and justifications, which is a key element of foundational research Kerlingerthose within the discipline can examine the sorts of knowledge claims that are being made and determine if a consensus is developing, both in terms of conceptualization and in terms of measurement.

If it is not, the findings are likely to provide insight for forging agreement and greater precision in future work. This paper has three objectives. First, it seeks to provide a centralized collection of definitions and conceptions of brand image, and in so doing documents the evolution of this vital behavioral concept.

Market segmentation for perfume

Second, by identifying the major similarities and variations that exist in conceptualization, it will allow an assessment of whether there is a viable and foundationally secure definition of "brand image".

And finally, some suggestions are made for guiding future research efforts in this important area.

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Criticizing previous research for being too superficial in its focus on stereotypical purchase reasons, they suggested that it was time to scratch beneath the surface and identify more enduring motivations for purchase. Their conception was that products had a social and psychological nature as well as a physical one, and that the sets of feelings, ideas and attitudes that consumers had about brands, their "image" of brands, were crucial to purchase choice.

While Gardner and Levy were the first to capture the essence of brand image in writing, the underlying idea of which they wrote was not entirely new. It is obvious that marketers of the late nineteenth century were increasingly concerned with a "brand's gestalt" from the progressive developments in branding, advertising and marketing techniques that took place during that era Murphy And in James Duesenberry had observed that the act of consumption as symbolic behavior was probably more important to the individual than the functional benefits of the product.


A survey of the literature that has followed Gardner and Levy's article reveals that considerable variation exists among authors on five separate, but related, aspects of "brand image".

These include 1 the names which have been ascribed to this phenomenon, 2 the formal definitions that have been offered, 3 the components of brand image, 4 the instruments that have been used to measure it, and 5 perspectives on the origin, creation, formulation and manipulability of brand image.

Despite this academic multiformity, brand image has become a vital concept for marketing managers. This has been demonstrated by findings such as those which confirm that image considerations guide purchase choice Dolichthat products are often purchased or avoided not for their functional qualities, but because of how, as symbols, they impact the buyer-user's status and self esteem Levyand that a product is more likely to be used and enjoyed if there is congruity between its image and the actual or ideal self image of the user Sirgy Personal factors play a very important role in affecting the buying behaviour of a consumer.

Some of the major personal factors are - occupation, age, economic condition, lifestyle and individuals personality. New Criteria for Market Segmentation. Daniel Yankelovich; From the March Issue A segmentation analysis of the perfume market shows that a useful way to analyze it is by the different.

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There are 4 types of Market segmentation which are most commonly used. Market segmentation is one of the oldest marketing trick in the books. With the customer population and preferences becoming more wider, and the competitive options becoming more available, market segmentation has become critical in any business or marketing fact, people launch products keeping the market.

Criteria for effective marketing ph-vs.coming plans should meet several criteria: The plan must be specific enough so that it can be implemented and communicated to people in the firm.“Improving profitability” is usually too vague, but increasing net profits by 5%, increasing market share by 10%, gaining distribution in 2, more stores, and reducing manufacturing costs by 2% are all.

Commonly known as perfume, fragrance is a mixture of essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents commonly used to provide pleasant scent .

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