Importance behind effective operations management management essay

The project management framework learned through the UVic Business MCPM also provided the knowledge to become proficient in evaluating and controlling projects, clarifying roles and responsibilities for project sponsors, project managers, project team members and other stakeholders, setting expectations, improving risk management and most importantly ensuring the correct beginning for planning and project initiation. I now view projects from a much more disciplined perspective, recognizing the benefits of approaching them from the PMBOK framework. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Importance behind effective operations management management essay

Importance of Organizing Function Importance of Organizing Function Specialization - Organizational structure is a network of relationships in which the work is divided into units and departments. This division of work is helping in bringing specialization in various activities of concern.

Well defined jobs - Organizational structure helps in putting right men on right job which can be done by selecting people for various departments according to their qualifications, skill and experience.

This is helping in defining the jobs properly which clarifies the role of every person. Clarifies authority - Organizational structure helps in clarifying the role positions to every manager status quo.

This can be done by clarifying the powers to every manager and the way he has to exercise those powers should be clarified so that misuse of powers do not take place. Well defined jobs and responsibilities attached helps in bringing efficiency into managers working.

Importance behind effective operations management management essay

This helps in increasing productivity. Co-ordination - Organization is a means of creating co-ordination among different departments of the enterprise. It creates clear cut relationships among positions and ensure mutual co-operation among individuals.

Harmony of work is brought by higher level managers exercising their authority over interconnected activities of lower level manager. Authority responsibility relationships can be fruitful only when there is a formal relationship between the two. For smooth running of an organization, the co-ordination between authority- responsibility is very important.

There should be co-ordination between different relationships. Clarity should be made for having an ultimate responsibility attached to every authority. Effective administration - The organization structure is helpful in defining the jobs positions.

The roles to be performed by different managers are clarified. Specialization is achieved through division of work.

This all leads to efficient and effective administration. Efficiency can be brought about by clarifying the role positions to the managers, co-ordination between authority and responsibility and concentrating on specialization.

In addition to this, a company can diversify if its potential grow. This is possible only when the organization structure is well- defined.

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This is possible through a set of formal structure. Sense of security - Organizational structure clarifies the job positions.

The roles assigned to every manager is clear. Therefore, clarity of powers helps automatically in increasing mental satisfaction and thereby a sense of security in a concern.10 Reasons why Project Management matters.

10 Reasons why Project Management matters The Importance of Training and Development in the Workplace; A project brings people together to share ideas and provide inspiration. Collaboration is the cornerstone to effective project planning and management.

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Importance behind effective operations management management essay

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In the modern world economy, business transactions can be conducted within the same city, the same country, or even between two countries. T. - Operations Management of the Kroger Company Operations management is essential for the survival and success of any organization. According to Heizer & Render (), operations management (OM) is the set of activities that creates value in the form of goods and services by .

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