Addressing the issues and inequalities faced by the lgbt community within the criminal justice syste

Race and the Drug War People of color experience discrimination at every stage of the criminal justice system. The drug war has produced profoundly unequal outcomes across racial groups, manifested through racial discrimination by law enforcement and disproportionate drug war misery suffered by communities of color.

Addressing the issues and inequalities faced by the lgbt community within the criminal justice syste

NNMB Tribal Survey - Due to their lower social status, girls are far more at risk of malnutrition than boys of their age. Partly as a result of this cultural bias, up to one third of all adult women in India are underweight. Inadequate care of these women already underdeveloped, especially during pregnancy, leads them in turn to deliver underweight babies who are vulnerable to further malnutrition and disease.

Malaria has been a seasonal health problem in India from a very long time.

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The maximum number of malaria cases and deaths have been reported mostly form the rural parts of Orissa. The overall prevalence of the disease has diminished in and however there is a slight increase in and again started decreasing from Kala-azar is the second largest parasitic killer in the world.

Dengue and chikungunya transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, is another problem of concern in India. Dengue outbreaks have continued since the s but severity of disease has increased in the last two decades.

Inspired by the Opportunity Task Force Report, and in harmony with Leading on Opportunity, with its curriculum, T he Echo Foundation brings to the table the significant pow. The criminal Justice system is injust and needs to be fixed for the better of the country. The LGBT Community are Not Just a Number. A letter addressing the atrocities that occurred because of a careless mistake in Flint, Michigan. Explain the criminal justice system and the types of crime that can occur criminal justice system apprehension, prosecution, and punishment of those violating law, and preventing violations, as well as general responsibilities of safety.

InIndia reported a total of 58, cases of chikungunya. During this period the transition have been seen in economic development, nutritional status, fertility and mortality rates and consequently, the disease profile has changed considerably.

Although great efforts have been done to control the communicable diseases, but they still contribute significantly to disease burden of the country. Decline in DALYs and deaths from communicable diseases have been accompanied by a gradual shift to, and accelerated rise in the prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases NCDs such as cardiovascular disease CVDdiabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPDcancers, mental health disorders and injuries.

Indians are at particularly high risk for atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. This may be attributed to a genetic predisposition to metabolic syndrome and adverse changes in coronary artery vasodilation.

Indian states ranking by drinking water High infant mortality rate[ edit ] Despite health improvements over the last thirty years, lives continue to be lost to early childhood diseases, inadequate newborn care and childbirth-related causes. More than two million children die every year from preventable infections.

Reduced funding for immunization leaves only The reasons for this high mortality are that few women have access to skilled birth attendants and fewer still to quality emergency obstetric care. In addition, only 15 per cent of mothers receive complete antenatal care and only 58 per cent receive iron or folate tablets or syrup.

Some of them include the following: The main cause of female malnutrition in India is the tradition requiring women to eat last, even during pregnancy and when they are lactating.

One of the most severe and increasing problems among women in India, resulting in higher mortality rates. Indian maternal mortality rates in rural areas are one of the highest in the world.

Substantial expansion and strengthening of public sector health care system, freeing the vulnerable population from dependence on high cost and often unreachable private sector health care system.

Health sector expenditure by central government and state government, both plan and non-plan, will have to be substantially increased by the twelfth five-year plan.

It was increased from 0.

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The provision of clean drinking water and sanitation as one of the principal factors in control of diseases is well established from the history of industrialized countries and it should have high priority in health related resource allocation.

The expenditure on health should increased to 2. Financial and managerial system will be redesigned to ensure efficient utilization of available resources and achieve better health outcome. Coordinated delivery of services within and across sectors, delegation matched with accountability, fostering a spirit of innovation are some of the measures proposed.

Increasing the cooperation between private and public sector health care providers to achieve health goals. This will include contracting in of services for gap filling, and various forms of effectively regulated and managed Public-Private Partnershipwhile also ensuring that there is no compromise in terms of standards of delivery and that the incentive structure does not undermine health care objectives.

The present Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana RSBY which provides cash less in-patient treatment through an insurance based system should be reformed to enable access to a continuum of comprehensive primary, secondary and tertiary care. In order to increase the availability of skilled human resources, a large expansion of medical schools, nursing colleges, and so on, is therefore is necessary and public sector medical schools must play a major role in the process.

Special effort will be made to expand medical education in states which are under-served. In addition, a massive effort will be made to recruit and train paramedical and community level health workers.

Addressing the issues and inequalities faced by the lgbt community within the criminal justice syste

The multiplicity of Central sector or Centrally Sponsored Schemes has constrained the flexibility of states to make need based plans or deploy their resources in the most efficient manner. The way forward is to focus on strengthening the pillars of the health system, so that it can prevent, detect and manage each of the unique challenges that different parts of the country face.

A series of prescription drugs reforms, promotion of essential, generic medicine and making these universally available free of cost to all patients in public facilities as a part of the Essential Health Package will be a priority.Explain the criminal justice system and the types of crime that can occur criminal justice system apprehension, prosecution, and punishment of those violating law, and preventing violations, as well as general responsibilities of safety.

The variables alcohol abuse, use of illegal drugs, unemployment, exposure to community violence, exposure to IPV within family of origin, impoverished neighborhoods, and economic distress (most. The discipline of criminology can and often does involve doing research for the powerful, those social control agents and organisations responsible for the creation and maintenance of definitions.

Class oppression. The second social hierarchy, class oppression, sometimes referred to as classism, can be defined as prejudice and discrimination based on social class.

Class is an unspoken social ranking based on income, wealth, education, status, and power. Children are being failed by Britain's schools because of inequalities relating to gender, race and cultural issues, according to the report.

bullying meant criminal behaviour, she added. For my parents, Shifra and Ze’ev and in memory of Yosef Gordon (–) Abstract. This thesis explores contemporary anarchism, in its re-emergence as a .

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